China Jade Restaurant
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PuPu Platter  (For 2) -$22.80
egg roll(2),wings(4),spareribs(4),shrimp(2)
beef teriyaki(4),chicken finger(4)
crab Rangoon (4)

                also available
 (for 3) 34.20 (for 4) 45.60
Boneless Ribs     8.60
Chicken Fingers     8
Chicken Wings     8.90
Chicken Teriyaki
 (8)     9.20
Beef Teriyaki (8)     9.60
Fried Wontons     3.95
Spring Rolls (2)     4.95
Egg Rolls (2)     4.95
Crab Rangoons     8.90
Scallion Pancake     5.95
Ravioli (6)     7.50
Fried Shrimps (8)     9.20
Spareribs     9.60
Pork Strips     9.60

Salt&pepper Calamari   10.95
Salt&pepper Wings    10.95 


Vegetable Soup     3.30

Hot and Sour Soup     3.30

Chicken Noodles Soup     3.30

Chicken Rice Soup     3.30

Chicken Egg Drop Soup     3.30

Roast Pork Wontons Soup     3.30

Roast Pork with Noodles Soup     3.30

Fried Rice

House Special Fried Rice     8.95
with shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, and vegetable
Young Chow Fried Rice     8.95
our traditional style white fried-rice with shrimp, pork, eggs, lettuce, and peas
Meatless     7.15
Vegetable     7.15
Roast Pork     6.95
Roast Pork with Bean Sprout     7.15
Roast Pork Curry Fried Rice     7.30
Chicken     7.15
Beef     7.15
Shrimp     7.90
Ham     7.15
Subgum Pork Fried Rice     7.15
Subgum Chicken Fried Rice     7.50
Subgum Beef Fried Rice     7.50
Subgum Shrimp Fried Rice     8.30
Steamed Rice     2.95
BROWN RICE.        3.95 
Kung Pao Style 
Kung pao style
The most popular dish of Szechuan cooking.  
It is prepared with celery, peanuts, carrots, water 
chestnuts, and peppers in a hot spicy sauce.
kung Pao Vegetables (No Meat) ...........10.50
kung Pao Chicken.................................10.50
kung Pao Beef......................................10.50
kung Pao Shrimp .................................10.50
kung Pao Three Delights.....................10.95

Salt and Pepper Shrimp     11.45
Lightly battered and fried, then stir-fried again with
special seasoning and hot peppers.
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce     10.80
Traditional New England style Lobster Sauce with shrimp.
Marco Polo’s Delight     13.95
Beef and shrimp expertly cooked with lobster sauce.
Served over a bed of soft noodles.
Rainbow Shrimp     11.45
Shrimp sauteed with carrots, straw mushrooms, 
baby corns & water chestnuts. A colorful work of art.
Delights of Three     15.45
Shrimp, chicken, and scallop sauteed 
with select Vegetable in a light sauce.
Sizzling Seafood Wor Bar     18.95
Lobster, shrimp, and scallop sauteed with vegetables
served on a sizzling hot plate.
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts     11.45
Shrimp sauteed with peppers, cashew nuts, celery,
carrot and water chestnuts.
Sesame Shrimp     11.45
Shrimp lightly battered and stir-fried in our special
sesame sauce on top of a bed of broccoli.
General Gau Shrimp     11.45
Lightly battered shrimp sauteed with the most requested General Gau sauce, along with baby corn, peapods and 
carrots served over broccoli.
Crispy Aromatic Shrimp     11.45
Crispy shrimp sauteed with peapods, mushrooms, broccoli and 
peppers in a spicy aromatic sauce.
Orange Shrimp     11.45
Lightly battered shrimp topped with our chef’s special
orange flavored sauce on a bed of broccoli.
Tung Ting Scallop     16.90
Tender scallops sauteed with broccoli, mushrooms, peapods, baby corns, carrots, and other vegetables in a light sherry sauce.

Pork with Mushrooms     10.80
Szechuan String Beans with Pork    10.80

Szechuan Pork with Bean Curd (Tofu)     10.80
Pork with Scallions    10.80
Chun Liu Pork     10.80
Pork sauteed in hot sauce bedded with broccoli, water chestnuts, and peppers.
Hunan Pork     10.80

Pork garnished with broccoli, peppers, and straw mushrooms in spicy hot sauce.

Egg Foo Young

China Jade's Special Egg Foo Young     8.95
with shrimp, pork, chicken, beef and vegetable
Cantonese Egg Foo Young     8.95
pan-fried egg foo young with shreds of roast pork, bean sprout, onion, mushroom, waterchesnut, peapod.
Meatless     6.95
Pork     6.95
Chicken     7.65
Ham     7.65
Shrimp     8.20
Mushroom     7.65
Vegetable     6.95
Subgum Pork Egg Foo Young     7.65

China Jade Delights

Del A - Egg Roll(1), Pork Strips(4), Boneless Ribs(4), Chicken Wings(4)     12.45
Del B - Egg Roll(1), Boneless Ribs(4), Chicken Fingers(4), Fried Shrimp(4)     12.45
Del C - Egg Roll(1), Chicken Wings(4), Boneless Ribs(4), Chicken Teriyaki(4)     12.45
Del D - Egg Roll(1), Bonless Ribs(4), Crab Rangoons(4), Chicen Fingers(4)     12.45
Del E - Egg Roll(1),Sparerib(2),Pork
Strip(4),Chicken Finger(4)               12.45

Lo Mein noodles
China Jade Special Lo Mein     9.95
Traditional Lo Mein stir-fried with Shrimp, Roast Pork,
Chicken, Beef and Vegetable.

Chow Foon Noodle     9.50
Thick, flat rice noodle stir-fried with scallion, onion, 
and bean sprout and your choice of: Beef, Chicken, or Shrimp
Singapore Rice Noodle     9.50
Thin rice-stick noodle stir-fried with curry shrimp, 
roast pork, peppers, onion, and bean sprout.

Pad Thai
(choice of chicken or shrimp) 9.50

Vegatable Lo Mein     7.95
Pork Lo Mein     7.95
Chicken Lo Mein     8.95
Beef Lo Mein     8.95
Shrimp Lo Mein     8.95
Garlic Noodle     6.35
Pan Fried Noodle     6.35

 Chow mein/chop Suey

Meatless     6.95
Vegetable     7.15
Pork     6.95
Roast Pork     7.90
Chicken     7.15
Beef     7.90
Shrimp     8.30
Subgum Pork     7.15
Subgum Chicken     7.90
Subgum Beef      7.90
Subgum Shrimp     8.35
Chicago Pork     7.90
Chicago Beef     7.90
Chicago Shrimp     8.20
House special        9.95

*chow mein comes with dry noodles*
*chop Suey are large slices of vegetables*            

Moo SHi Style 
These dishes contain meat,muschroom,cabbage, and eggs. Served with 6 pancakes to roll the Moo Shi. Additional pancakes are $.50 each.

Moo Shi Vegetables..................10.40
Moo Shi Chicken.......................10.40
Moo Shi Beef ............................10.40
Moo Shi Shrimp.........................10.40
Moo Shi Pork.............................10.40

Beef with Broccoli     11.25
Beef with Peapods     11.25
Beef with Mushrooms     11.25
Beef with Peppers and Onions     11.25
Beef Tow Goo     11.50
Sliced Beef sauteed with tender juicy straw mushrooms, peapods, and water chestnuts.
Sizzling Steak Kew     16.95
Chunks of top choice steak smothered in oyster sauce stir-fried vegetable served on a sizzling hot plate.
Ginger Beef     11.75
A “Must Have”. Our house sauce along with gingers, onions, and callions bring out the best tasting beef.
Chun Liu Beef     11.75

Sliced steak sauteed in our chef’s specialhot sauce along with broccoli, water chestnuts, and peppers.
Hunan Beef     11.75

Cooked with broccoli, peppers, and straw mushrooms in a spicy hot sauce.
Crispy Beef     11.75

Crispy Beef sauteed with peapods, mushrooms, broccoli, and Peppers in our special spicy sauce.
Orange Beef     11.75

Lightly battered beef topped with chef’s special orange flavored sauce over a bed of broccoli.

Golden Beef 11.75

Beef expertly sauteed with peapods, carrots, baby corns, water chestnuts, and peppers.

Szechuan Chicken with String Beans     11.45
Sesame Chicken     11.45

chunks of chicken breast lightly battered and stir-fried in our special sesame sauce on top of a bed of broccoli
Garlic Chicken     11.45
sliced tender chicken sauteed with peppers, baby corn, mushroom, and broccoli in aromatic garlic sauce
Chicken Hawaiian     10.70
sliced tender chicken sauteed with crispy Chinese greens, Hawaiian pineapples, mushrooms and peapod
Crispy Aromatic Chicken     11.45
crispy chicken sauteed with peapod, mushroom, broccoli, and peppers in our special spicy sauce
Ginger Chicken     11.45
sliced chicken breast sauteed with ginger, onion, and scallion in a special ginger sauce
Orange Chicken     11.45
crispy chicken topped with chef's special orange-flavored sauce on a bed of broccoli
General Gau Chicken     11.45
our most popular chicken dish.  crispy chicken sauteed with the most requested General Gau sauce, along with baby corn, peapod, and carrots served over broccoli
Chun Liu Chicken     11.45
sliced chicken breast sauteed in hot aromatic sauce with broccoli, water chestnut, and peppers
Gai Poo Lo Mein     19.95
spears of chicken deep fried in batter, with shrimp and beef expertly cooked with Chinese vegetable on a bed of Lo Mein


General Gau's Tofu 9.45

China Jade’s Special Vegetables     8.85
Broccoli, peppers, bak choi, tomatoes, mushrooms, peapods and water chestnuts.
Vegetarian’s Delight     9.45
Fried tofu, broccoli, bak choi, baby corns, peapods, peppers, carrots, mushrooms and water chestnuts stir-fried in a special dark sauce.
Moo Shi Vegetable     9.95
Moo Shi is a classic Mandarin dish. It is prepared with mushrooms, eggs, cabbage, and vegetables served with 6 pancakes and Hosin Sauce. 
Szechuan String Beans     9.45
Szechuan Egg Plant           9.45
Szechuan Bean Curd (Tofu)     9.45
Broccoli     9.10
Steamed or Stir-fried
Green Peppers     7.85
Steamed or Stir-fried 
Peapods     9.10
Steamed or Stir-fried
Bean Sprouts     7.60
Steamed or Stir-fried 
Mushrooms     9.10
Steamed or Stir-fried 

*some dishes may contain nuts*
*Before placing your order,please inform your server if a person in our party has a food allergy*
(Some dishes may contain nuts. Consuming raw or undercooked  meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
Price subject to change without notice.)
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